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Ed Rawady - One time owner of the "Classic", a popular teen hang-out in the late 50's & 60's!
Ed & Little Ed behind the counter at the Classic - July 1964
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For those with any memory of the 50's & 60's, a place called the "Classic" was at the top of your favorite places (unless, of course, you followed your parent's orders to stay out of "that place". They felt it had a worse influence than Elvis!).

And in the Classic there was the "man", owner, advisor, and friend, Ed Rawady!

Above and below are two photos of Ed, taken approximately 41 years apart!


Taken at Ed's 62nd Hornell High Reunion in June 2005!

(for those using their fingers trying to figure the above out, Ed graduated in 1943)

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From the Evening Tribune's 9 May 2005 Edition

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Hornell Erie RailRoad Employees after receiving "safety awards" in 1952


Viewer Dan H. submitted this photo of a 45rpm record sleeve from 1965. He included the following summary.


This record, by "The End" came out
        in 1965 and was a top ten regional hit.  The band was out of
        Elmira and played numerous times in Hornell.  Johnny Garippa of
        North Hornell was the vocalist.  I personally saw them play at the
        ODD fellows and the Ponce de Leon.  The song was written by the guitar
        player, Erv Braun.

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Anyone having additional information about "The End" or one of their records  is urged to contact us at


The Hornarkcans - Musical Group

"Hornarkcan" - derived from "Hornell", "Arkport", and Canisteo!

Who is this group? The 78 rpm records shown above were produced by the "Howell Recording Studio" located in Buffalo. Anyone recognizing the names on the records or knowing the history of this group can notify us and we will post a comment here.


50s SuperMarket.jpg (111960 bytes) BroadWay.jpg (101099 bytes) Classic 1.jpg (114567 bytes) Classic Front.jpg (55596 bytes) Canisteo & Main.jpg (35700 bytes) Classic Inside.jpg (72906 bytes)

Wegmans It Ain't!

Main Street!

Looking from the "Park"!

Ah, Home, Sweet, Home! The Classic!

Good Spot for a " Burger King"! Yuk!

Take a Seat! The Classic.

Aerial View HHS.jpg (105733 bytes) Classic.jpg (130210 bytes) Park 1-1.jpg (35516 bytes) SugarBowl.jpg (118553 bytes)

Classic & Ed Rawady - 1969 (courtesy Tim Deebs)

Whitman's Tavern - 1969 (courtesy Tim Deebs)


After the Hop at the Classic!

It's Long Gone! Union Park!

Sugar is Sweet!

Tops Diner.jpg (99293 bytes) Inside Tops Diner - 1960s.jpg (43046 bytes) Angies - 1960s.jpg (63984 bytes) FlatIron.jpg (127239 bytes) ErieReanactmentfora100yrsin1951.jpg (57112 bytes) Main Street 1950s.jpg (104642 bytes)

Wanna a late night dog?

Inside Tops Diner -  believed to have burned down in the early 50's!

Angies - 60s

FlatIron (Broadway & Canisteo)

Erie Railroad - 100 year enactment - 1951 (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

Main Street!

Feb '61 - Downtown Hornell after 34 inches of snow

Feb '61 - N. Hornell after storm - there's a Ford Falcon under snow pile to right

Hornell Race Track (deserving of it's own page)

Feb '61 - Canisteo & Main, now a walkway!

Union Park - early 50s

A tray with a cause!

1955 photo taken from  Canisteo Street toward the (then) High School. 1955 view from the High School toward Union Park. The park was eventually removed in the early '70s. Hornell Airways stock certificate      
The Classic - 1954

Thanks to Ed Rawady, long-time owner of the Classic, a teen hangout once located across from the old High School on Canisteo Street, the folks above are identified as "Mimi Rawady", Ed's wife, and Don Di Mott, lst baseman with the 1954 Hornell Dodgers baseball team.

The Classic - 1954

Cutting the cake at a party for the Hornell Dodger's baseball team  is Charley Surrachi. Looking on and providing him moral support is Clarke Mixon. Both were players with the 1954 Hornell Dodgers, positions unknown. Information courtesy of Ed Rawady.


26 July 1964 - Owners Ed, Mimi, and "little" Ed Rawady behind the counter at the "Classic" 27 July 1964 - man unknown but the "Classic" employee is believed to have a last name of "Galatio",  uncertain of first name 1954 Hornell Dodgers - photo taken in the "Classic"



HornellHome extends a special "thank you" to Suzanne Piatt who also has the distinction of being the grand daughter of "Cappy" Roselli  who was the well known owner of the Ponce de Leon Grill on Canisteo Street in the 50s & 60s.. Suzanne was thoughtful enough to send us the following photos.

For those of you who remember the Ponce, which was torn out as part of the infamous  urban development project of the late 60s, you will also remember that "Cappy" caught a home run (grandslam) ball during the '62 World Series. For those of us who thought the ball was hit by Roger Maris. . . . . . . read the following news clippings.



I wonder what was going through Roger Maris' mind?

A lot of smiles here!

And we thought Cappy only sold "beer"! Pizza sauce?


The restaurant side of the house.

A booth, a beer, and a pizza! Those were the days!

I sure remember that mirror!


A lot of memories in this photo!


Joe Strickland, our foremost viewer from Foxborough, Mass, provided  the following  piece of trivia for the above exterior photo of the Ponce.

"A friend of mine, when we were kids, was George Egmond who had a Tribune paper route that included the buildings surrounding the Ponce. Once I had a chance to go into those buildings and was shocked to find that there were "gas lights" in the hallways. This was in the early 50s and the only place I ever saw them."


1954 Hornell Dodgers
22 Photos courtesy of Aaron Kautz
Class of '89

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1950 Hornell Dodgers


From the Evening Tribune's 9 May 2005 Edition

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Hornell Erie RailRoad Employees after receiving "safety awards" in 1952


Future Mayor or future restaurateur? Shawn Hogan covering all possibilities in this photo from the '69 Yearbook