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Early 1900s & Undetermined



Courtesy of Larry Doty
East Ave Railroad Crossing looking North
From a photo dated 27 October 1911  -  East Avenue railroad crossing looking North!



Canisteo Underpass - 1900s.jpg (52639 bytes) Canisteo Underpass - Go Cart Races - 1930s.jpg (57675 bytes) Cass St. Crossing.jpg (56565 bytes) Elmherst Dairy Delivery Trucks - unk year.jpg (56588 bytes) Hornell Fire Dept - 1900s.jpg (58305 bytes)  

Canisteo Underpass

Canisteo Underpass

Taylor St. Crossing

Elmhurst Dairy Trucks

Hornell Fire Department


Lumber Wagon - 1901.jpg (50746 bytes) Main St - est 1920s.jpg (51235 bytes) Main St..jpg (53477 bytes) A.J.Deerinhiscar.jpg (43768 bytes) A.L.BladesHornell.jpg (40608 bytes)  

Lumber Wagon

Main St. -  1920s

Main St. - Unknown year

A.J. Deer  (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

A.L. Blades  (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield) 


CenterSt.Hornell2.jpg (32742 bytes) CigarStoreCanisteo&LoderSt.Hornell.jpg (31124 bytes) OldHomeWeek1912.jpg (23790 bytes) PhotoofaMansionHornell.jpg (31253 bytes) RealPhotoofSteubenSanitarium.jpg (19562 bytes)  
Center St. - (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

Cigar Store - Canisteo & Loder  (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

Old Home Week 1912 (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

See Below for Identification (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

Stueben Sanitarium (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)


SherwoodHotelin1912.jpg (8894 bytes) SocietyCircusParadeHornell,N.Y.Aug.6,1909.jpg (42239 bytes)  
Sherwood Hotel 1912 (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield) Circus Parade 1909 (thanks to Sherry Braden - Greenfield)

Erie Railroad Advertising - Old Currier & Ives

Erie Railroad Advertising - Old Currier & Ives

McConnell Mill




1906 Flood - Lower E. Washington & Church St.


Davis Foundry

"Riverside Lunch" matchbook



Mostly Postcards


This old postcard, submitted by a loyal viewer, shows an old photo of St Jame Hospital. The date is unknown but obviously very early 20th century, possibly earlier.
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Back of the postcard reads

No.4181  Published by The Rochester News Company, Rochester, N.Y.  U.S.A.

In the area for the stamp it states:  Postage: United States, and Island Possessions, Cuba, Canada and Mexico one cent.  For all other countries, two cents.


1912 Postcard (front) 1912 Postcard (back) Shattuck Opera House Hornell Library  

New Highway Bridge

Federation Bldg

Hornell - Church & Main

Hornell - Main St.



Postcard - Country Club

Postcard - Canisteo St.

Postcard - Episcopal Church

Postcard - Erie Underpass



Postcard - Bridges & Washington School

Postcard - Loon Lake

Postcard - Main St. West

Postcard - Main Street



Postcard - Main Street

Postcard - Merrill Glove Factory

Postcard - Merrill Silk Mill

Postcard - Post Office



Postcard - Snow Scene

Postcard - Trolley

Postcard - Erie yards & brickworks

Postcard - Union Park


1908 - Postcard of Union Park

Notice the building on the left - it's located where the old High School & current Intermediate school sits now. We have other old photos posted that identify this building as the " High School". Obviously, that building underwent a serious remodeling. Can anybody add to this mystery?



The Park School, a classic rural school, underwent many changes as the Hornell City School district grew at the turn of the century (1900). The building, home of what was originally known as the Hornell Free Academy, remained until it simply became too small. After the Park School was condemned and razed, a building that would become the Hornell High School was built just prior to the "Great Depression" and remained for more than 40 years until becoming the Intermediate School in the late '60s.

  PhotoofaMansionHornell.jpg (31253 bytes)

Home is there as our viewer said. What an awesome looking home!  (Photo taken 2-10-04)


A regular viewer wrote with what we believe to be a valid identification of this home. Here are his unedited comments:

This home was constructed by the Merrill's . . . owners of several mills in Hornell. It is now owned by David Shults and is located on Maple St.

The left and right porches were removed prior to 1958 due to deteriorated condition. This home at one time had a room with a fountain in the middle. It also had a dumbwaiter and maid's quarters.

In the 1950 to 1960 era the building was used by Dr Karl as his clinic that employed several doctors. Dr Karl's home is next door on the right of the picture. In 1958 I worked on the house, painting the trim. There was a caretaker/handyman who told me these facts and showed me the fountain stored in the carriage house out back.


"The Point", Broadway to the right, Canisteo St. to the left!


A viewer from the Rochester area sent in these old photos that were simply marked "Hornell". No year or details.


A quiet neighborhood!








A "fair" of some kind!