In Memoriam







(the following was submitted by Paul's Granddaughter, Norah)


Grandpa was born April 4, 1908, to John and Gertrude (McGrath) Flanagan.  He was the oldest of 11 children.  He attended St. Anne's school and graduated from Hornell High in 1926.  He married Carrie Dunn, his neighbor, in 1940. 

He and Grandma had 3 boys, Donald, Richard and John.  Grandpa was a dairy farmer, working long after most people retire.  Just about every kid in the 5th ward, and others, 'grew up' working on the Flanagan Farm, which is just off Crosby Creek Road.

Grandpa passed away in March 1988, almost 8 years to the day of Grandma's death.  He is sadly missed by his sons and grandchildren