In Tribute

Park Methodist Church



We extend a sincere "thank you" to the United Methodist Church of Hornell (at Webbs Crossing Road) for their courtesy in allowing us to post the photos and other information found on this page. Their assistance is very much appreciated.




Original Church 1834


New Church 1877



Note:  this will be an ongoing series with new photos posted on a regular basis. Visit often for updates.

Exterior   Interior   Interior - Alter   Choir - unknown year   Organist 1960s
Pastor Bucher   Pastor Bucher   Pastor Bucher  
Pastor Smith   Pastor Haight   Unknown group
1947 Choir   1947 Choir - names   1958 Choir   1958 Choir - names
1930s Choir   1930s Choir  names   Vacation Camp 1957   Vacation Camp names
Sunday School 1956   Sunday School Est 1950s   Sunday School 1959


Park Church II
Park Church III


Disclaimer - The sole intent of this page is to emphasize the historical value of the Park Church that once sat at the South end of Union Park and was razed in the early '70s as part of Hornell's urban development project. does not promote one church or religion over another and would entertain posting "historical" photos of other Hornell churches were we asked. We can be contacted through the "comments" link below.