Mike Bacon   Mesa   '76
  Neale (Smith) Bacon   Mesa   '76
  Marilyn (Wood) Somers   Mesa  

  Maurice Brill   Phoenix   '47
  Patricia (Baker) Loper   Miami   '59
  Bob Burnside   Sun City West   '56
  Sasha Coombs   Chandler   '98
  David Loper   Bagdad   '88
  Janis (Secondo) Davis   Mesa   '65
  Patty (Secondo) Lenhart   Mesa   '73
  Bill Paul   Glendale   '75
  Joan (Sprague) Holmes   Glendale   '75
1 Carl A. Phillips   Safford   '35
2 Barbara (Sayles) Hofmeister   Gold Canyon   '39
  Heather Ott   Mesa   '98


Ed Davis


Oro Valley





John Bolley







(1)  Although Carl didn't live in Hornell proper, he does deserve mention on our web site. Here is a excerpt from the email Carl sent me.

"I used to go to the Wellsville High School back in 1935. I lived at Pikeville, NY, through the 8th grade. I worked in the oil fields near Alma, NY. After World War II, I bought a farm on Greenwood hill between Andover & Greenwood. I now live in Safford, AZ. since 1972.  I sure have enjoyed the Hornell Evening Tribune because of living most of my life knowing Hornell & it's area."


(2)  Even though Barbara left Hornell at the young age of two in 1939, she has a very unique story about her relationship with our city. Here is her email of 20 October 2007!

"My grandparents were Stephen and Irene Sayles (she is pictured in front of the park church), and Arthur Allen Dodd and Matilda Dodd. All except for Matilda lived and died in Hornell. My parents (who graduated from HHS) were Alice Dodd Sayles and Harold Weld Sayles. I have many aunts and uncles who lived in Hornell too but only Mary Sayles Allison is left in town.  I live in Gold Canyon, Arizona.

I also wrote to the web site regarding the Salis restaurant pictured in Tim Deebs Photo collection IV. My Dad, Mom and Uncle had two restaurants on Loder street in the 30's. I remember my dad talking about it many times but never saw a picture of it. I am sure those pictures are of their restaurant, but need confirmation. Is there any way I could get proof? It would be just like my dad to name the restaurant phonetically as everyone mispronounced our name. He opened another business in the 60's and spelled his name backward to come up with the name (Red Sayles equaled Derselyas).

Thanks for the web site. Barb"


(3) Ed attended Hornell High up through his Junior year before moving and completing High School in Port Jervis, NY.


(4) John left Hornell in 1947 after attending St. Ann's Grammar school. John added that his dad worked for the Erie Railroad and he lived at 9 McDougal Avenue. John asks anyone remembering him or his family to please contact him at the email address above.