May 25th, 2007

HHI Historian Michael Colomaio presents the DVD “Photographs of Old Hornell” to City Historian Collette
Cornish. James Brewer, who donated 384 postcards, looks on.
Hornell history comes
alive in new DVD
HORNELL — Historic Hornell
Inc. is working to recognize
Hornell’s history.

HHI Historian Michael
Colomaio presented the organization’s
new DVD, “Postcards
of Old Hornell,” to City Historian
Collette Cornish Thursday
afternoon outside of City Hall.

May is set aside by The
National Trust to call attention
to the importance of historic
preservation in communities
across the country. This year’s
theme is “Making Preservation
Work.” Historic Hornell Inc. is
using this opportunity to unveil
its new DVD.

“(The DVD) recalls the
beauty of the past and highlights
the gems still existing
throughout our community,
proving that historic buildings
are continuing to ‘work’ productively
in Hornell,” said HHI
Co-President Mildred

Hornell native James Brewer,

who now lives in Avon, let
HHI borrow 384 postcards to
be included on the DVD.

“Over many years, Mr.
Brewer put together his collection
of approximately 350
views of old Hornell sights and
scenes,” McAnany said. “He
thoughtfully lent his collection
to HHI in order to produce the

Brewer, who attended the
DVD presentation, said he has
been collecting postcards for
over 19 years.

“It’s just like a time capsule
when you collect postcards,” he

Brewer, who is a member of
the Western Postcard Club, said
he also collects postcards of
Avon and Caledonia. He said
prices for cards are going up,
and a good postcard can cost
up to $20. He said Sutton
cards, which were made
between 1875 and 1876 are
even more expensive.

Brewer said it’s most interesting
to look at cards and
watch how buildings change
over the years.

  “It’s an adventure if you’re
watching,” he said.

Brewer said he wants to be
able to share his postcards with
the next generation, and there
is no purpose of collecting
something if you’re just going
to leave it in a drawer.
“I wanted to share my collection,”
he added.

The DVD also features original
music by Lee and Donna
Ryan, Pati Piper, Nancy Hann,
Matthew Culley and The Bard
Brothers, featuring Damian
DeMarco and Tim Berardi.

The DVD, which plays for
about 40 minutes, is available
for a $12 donation. The DVD
can be purchased at
Erie Line
Antiques, 103 Main St., Colby
Classic Photographs, 284 Main
and during the Hornell
Area Arts Council’s performance
at 8 p.m. Saturday at the
Hornell High School on
Seneca Street in Hornell.

order by mail, send $15, which
includes postage and handling,
to Historic Hornell Inc., P.O.
Box 188, Hornell, N.Y., 14843.