Hornell RaceWay 

1959 to 1965



by Dan Hall (Class of '67)



We extend our sincere "thanks" to Dan Hall (Class of '67) for the awesome photos below. Here is an extract from the email that Dan sent to accompany these photos.

"Hornell Raceway was located on Ashbaugh hill.  The track was owned and operated by the Amidon family from 1959 to 1965.  Racing took place Sunday on the third of a mile dirt oval.  These photos were provided by Ron Amidon and Larry Mosher.  In the photo facing the stands,  a Mister Softee truck ( top middle ) and Hornell wholesale beer truck ( center middle ) are shown.  Some of the seats came from the Majestic theater.  Devores furniture store sponsored the Eddie Anchor car.  This car was also driven
by Red Towner ( Flying Indian )  who was a policeman for Hornell.  Bill McMordie who recently retired from the Hornell fire department, drove at the track."

Dan Hall
Class of 1967


  Bill McMordie   Cal Lane & Kid  
Eddie Anchor   Dean Layfield   Don Wood
  Floyd Green Chuck Burrows Herb Green  
Jim Plank


Red Towner


Track Facing Pit
  Track Facing Stands   Wild Bill with Rex Ward