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An Early History of Hornell

Given as an address at the first centennial celebration of the settlement of Hornellsville, September 25th, 1890, by Irvin W. Near, former mayor of Hornell.

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Dr. Levi Smith Goodrich

This document is a combination of Dr. Goodrich's diary, comments by others, and documented facts about his life and the hardships of living in Steuben County in the "wilds of western New York" in 1820.





1877 Hornell Business Directory


1880 Hornell Business Directory


1884 Hornell Business Directory


1886 Hornell Business Directory



1888 Hornell Business Directory

* this directory originally contained business information for other towns/cities in Steuben county, something that was omitted. Although it appears some pages are missing, all information relating to Hornell is shown.


1890 Hornell Business Directory


1893 - 1894 Hornell Business Directory


1895 Hornell Business Directory