In Memoriam

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NameDate of BirthDate of DeathHHS GraduateHHS Graduation YearNotes
Nellie (Vet) Ackershoek19322005Yes1949
Janet (Amidon) Austin19302001Yes1948
William C. Bartlett19332004Yes1952
Joseph C. (Joey) Beaver19392005Yes1957
John C. Beck19292006Yes1947
Thomas J. "Thom" Berry19492008Yes1967
Sherry Lin (Greenfield) Braden19472008Yes1965
Edward M. Brook19292000Yes1947
Dr. Phillips W. Brooks, D.D.S.19322004Yes1949
Bernice (Ranger) Burdett19022007Yes1919
Mary (Allen / Stanley) Burdett18992004Yes1920
Sandra J. (Hurd) Campbell19412005Yes1959
Melvin F. Campbell19382005Yes1956
Michael "Greek" Caporiccio19562009Yes1974
Lawrence "Larry" Caruso19551996Yes1974
Margaret B.‘Bonnie' (Donlon) Cheresnowsky19342007Yes1951
Ruth (Buono) Cleveland19352005Yes1956
Helen Teresa (O'Connor) Corbett19272007Yes1945
James B. Cole19332005Yes1952
Peter "Big Pete" Curtis19402006Yes1959
Emory David Curtis19451964Yes1964
Daniel J. Dailey19542003Yes1972
David B. Dailey19562010Yes1975
Gerald J. "Jerry" Damrath19322005Yes1951
Gaildean "Gail" (White) Davis19362006Yes1954
Patricia "Patti" (Parks) Dobson19512009Yes1970
John Thomas Donnelly19352007Yes1954
Thomas Dropp19511997Yes1969
Vicki R. (Husted) Dropp19522006Yes1970
Beverly Jean "Bev" Dungan19501973Yes1968
Katherine Egmond (Christiano)19322005Yes1952
Monica Egmond (Wescott)19392005Yes1957
Phillip H. Earley19352007NoHornell Chief of Police
Philip Roger Evans19382010Yes1956
Ruth (Rhodes) Evans19392008Yes1957
Becky M. (Shinebarger) Eveland19562006Yes1974
Donald Paul Flanagan19422004Yes1960
Louis Flanagan19222007Yes1944
Paul Flanagan19081988Yes1926
Elizabeth (Gardner) Foreman19252006Yes1943
Donald R. Foreman19292005Yes1949
Lawrence P. "Larry" Gleason19732002Yes1991State Trooper killed in line of duty
Bruce Allen Greenfield19522006Yes1970
Henry Guenther19112003Yes1928
Basil Guidara18941963No50 Year Resident of Hornell
Mary M. Guidara19091995No78 Year Resident of Hornell
Robert E. "Bob" Haley19352004Yes1955
Joseph M. "Joe" Haley19542005Yes1972
Harold F. Heers19201986Yes1938
Audrey McMichael Heers19222005NoAlfred/Almond Central School - 1940
Roger Lee Heers19422008Yes1961
Ruth (Button) Hoagland19142008Yes1933
Earle W. Houghtaling, Jr.19642001Yes1983
Robert James "Rob" Ingham19772003Yes1997
Daniel J. "Dan" Kennedy19382004Yes1956
Robert "Bob" Klos19452004Yes1963
William W. Knight19142005Yes1934
Edna A. (Bash) Kohnke19232007Yes1941
Jane (Carney) LaChiusa19242004Yes1942
Betty Jean (VanGorder) Lacy19232011Yes1941
Jean (O'Connor) Lieb19262005Yes1944
Robert Paul Loree19522005Yes1970
Elizabeth A. Lynch19852002HHS Sophomore
Mary Ann Martin19462003Yes1963
Thomas J. Martin19471999Yes1967
Dorothy Ann (Winters) Marvin19201999Yes1938
Dolores A. "Dee" Masterson19342002Yes1952
Michael R. McCarthy19372006Yes1957
Bernard M. "Bernie" McLaughlin19242008Yes1943
Roger Earl McChesney19432005Yes1961
Joyce E. (Biddle) Mess19312006Yes1949
Steven E. Morey19622002Yes1980
Joseph Edward "Joe" Murphy19582002Marion(Ohio) Catholic High School - 1959
Joseph Thomas Murphy19862006Yes2005
Richard Stewart O'Neil19272006Yes1945
Robert B. Panter, Sr.19262002Yes1943
Betty Jean (Piacenti) Panter19261994Yes1944
Timothy M. "Tim" Parks19532005Yes1971
Mary Lou (Pauly) Patton19392009Yes1957
Louis N. "Louie" Pecaro19252009Yes1944
Cecile Mae (Robertson) Powers19121996NoWayland High School - 1930
Richard H. Peck19212007Yes1941
Albert Duane Powers19302007Yes1948
Jeannine Anne (Baker) Powers19312001Yes1949
Leroy Albert Pryor19412005Yes1960
Ivan Maurice Pryor19382004Yes1958
James "Jim" Psyhos19512005Yes1969
Leroy E. Roe19271978Yes1945
Keith L. Roe19292004Yes1947
Marsha A. Scholes19532005Yes1971
Carmella (Colamarino) Simon19252008Yes1943
Robert C. (HardRock) Slaght19332004Yes1953
William F. "Bill" Somers19252005NoPleasantville, N.Y., - 1942
John R. "Jack" Spellecy19452006Yes1964
Joseph B. Spendlove, Jr.19382005Yes1957
Eugene C. "Beef" Stillman19341992Yes1954
Francis "Joe" Strickland19372006Yes1955
Mary Carol Carney Strobel19471991Yes1965
Ramona "Louise" Teator19301998NoLong time Hornell resident
Ruth B. (Flanagan) Terlesky19292006Yes1949
James (Jimmy) C. Theilen19462011Yes1965
Barbara Lynn Tibbitt (Seymour)19622006NoLong time Hornell resident
C. Renee Kull Towner19431997Yes1961
James "Bud" Vanderhoff19222003Yes1941
Joyce (Donlon) VanEtten19411996Yes1960
Francis X. Vogt19281996Yes1946
V. Louise (Donaldson) Vogt19311993Yes1949
Ellen Roberta (Foreman) Webster19572006Yes1976
Mary Irene (Griffin) Whitford19212004Yes1940
Eugene L. Wing19181988Yes1937
Eugene "Sonny" Wing19402008Yes1958
Richard T. Wood19501986Yes1968
Melissa E. Mead197619911996
Matthew J. McCumiskey19782015Yes1996
Elaine M. (Smith) Liddell19772014Yes1996
James Lamont19442017Yes1961
Susan VanOxx19452019Yes1963
Lois (Becker) Phillips19301978Yes1947
Joseph Aini Sr19342019Yes1952We all miss you and are grateful for the love you gave us and the sacrifices you made for us. - Joe Aini Jr
Paul W. Eno19041995NoLong time Hornell resident 1926-1992
Marion Woodworth Weber Eno19081994Yes1926
Charles D. Burnham Jr.19141991NoMonroe High School, Rochester NY
Former resident Hornell Children's Home