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Park Methodist Church

Original Park Methodist Church

1877 Park Methodist ChurchIn 1834 the FIRST CHURCH (Park Methodist) was erected at a cost of about $3,000.00. In 1804 this building, which occupied the present site and was of wood, was sold and removed, (afterwards destroyed by fire) and a new wooden building erected in its place. It was 80 feet by 44 feet and comfortably seated about 600 persons. 

THE NEW CHURCH Ground was broken in September. and the corner stone was laid November 15th, 1877, by Rev. E. T. Green. Presiding Elder of this, then the Bath District. The new church is of brick. The church proper is 64 feet by 90 feet while the chapel in its rear adds 26 feet to its length. The building. (this present church building) was erected by building around the wooden structure, ten feet from the old walls in front and on the sides, and twenty feet in the rear. The front and sides of the old building were removed, while the rear forms the partition between the audience room and the chapel. The old ceiling was retained. In place of the old church, on each side there are five full Corinthian columns, and a half column at each end, with Gothic arches between. These act as supports to ceiling which is 26 feet from floor. In my description of this church I wrote of the pulpit, altar, choir space, seats, ventilation. chapel, balcony, etc… The elevation plan was drawn by Rev. C. C. Wilbur, the pastor of 1872-3. The building committee consisted of Wm. O’Connor, Sr., Dr. Samuel Mitchell. Sr., George Hollands, Sr., and J. M. Ordway assisted by the pastor, Rev. L. A. Stevens. all of whom have passed to the great beyond.

We extend a sincere “thank you” to the United Methodist Church of Hornell for their courtesy in allowing us to post the photos and history of Park Methodist Church.

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